Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Preparation

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone! I'm so excited to report that going in with a plan for re-vamping our dining/living room area seems to have paid off. The room is now a nice medium shade of gray and I've hung some new curtains to replace the old.  Last night was spent recovering the dining room chairs to match, which I plan to give a tutorial on pretty soon.  I definitely think it was all money well spent--it gave the whole space a new feel. And I can't wait to christen it with a holiday centered around the dining room table!

Today's whirl-wind events include: shopping for Thanksgiving groceries, making floral arrangements (I'm excited to share those!), finishing the dining room chairs, and finalizing our table for tomorrow. It's a lot, but I'm looking forward to hosting my first holiday event so all that hard work is really going to pay off. We'll be having another couple over for the big day since our families weren't able to make it into town, and it's nice to be able to get together and share the cooking. What are your big plans for the day? Will you be traveling or hosting the event?

I imagine some of you are also looking ahead to Black Friday. I'm not sure if I'm going to brave it this year or not...that's usually a tradition spent with my sister. But I did put together a quick list of some of my favorite stores for you, hope it helps!

J.Crew: 25% off in stores or online through Sunday, code: color25.
Express: 50% off everything online and in stores until noon Friday.
Loft: 40% off everything, code: enjoy.  (For a limited time, but no date is provided).
Gap: Up to 60% off through Saturday online or Sunday in stores

Those are the ones I've seen previews for so far, I'm guessing we'll get more news tomorrow. Good luck! :) And let me know of any awesome scores!

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