Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finding Fall

I live in Arizona, so fall is more of a feeling than an actual season. I'm a northerner at heart and desperately miss those first cool days, especially as the leaves begin to change. So I try to embrace the season through colors, wearing more saturated, rich tones as apposed to bright poppy summer colors. And that includes my nails.

Initially I was afraid to venture beyond the safe realm of pale pinks and french nails, convinced that anything darker/bolder would be too harsh against my pale skin.  But once I did--oh baby, there was no going back!  So in honor of fall, I've found a new shade: OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest.  The name may have swayed me too. :)  I may be jumping the gun a bit, but as October rolls around, I think this will make the perfect nail color: a dark and moody plum with a hint of gorgeous red sparkle.

OPI's Every Month is Oktoberfest Polish

If you're not quite ready to take the full plunge into a dark shade, another one I've been loving is Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Peridot.  It's a very unique combination of gold and green, which seems perfect as the leaves are changing (elsewhere...lucky ducks!).

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Peridot
I just love how this polish gives a dramatic color change, it's very fun to catch a glimpse of during the day!  I think you'll definitely get compliments. :)

So tell me: what are your favorites shades?  Has one leaped out as the perfect start of fall color?

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