Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coffee Craving

While I’d love to make a commitment to eating healthy all the time, I desperately need those little cheater moments to keep me going.  But no reason those can’t be slimmed down, right?  My theory is if I’m absolutely craving something, I’ll let myself have it in moderation.  So: enter the slimmed white mocha.  Because let’s face it: some days require coffee.

What I use: ground espresso from a local coffee house, Sugar Free White Chocolate Syrup by Torani, Sugar Free House White Chocolate by 5Sparrows, nonfat milk, ice, and of course an espresso machine. 

The white chocolate by 5Sparrows is a powder, almost like small white chocolate shavings and it gives either iced or hot mochas a nice creaminess. It's especially helpful if you're using skim milk.  However, I like a lot of flavor in my mocha so I use the white chocolate syrup to add flavor without calories. The two products pair nicely and give you flavor and creaminess without a huge calorie spike--bonus!

So here's my process for creating an iced mocha. You could easily omit the ice and get similarly good results for a hot mocha. Just microwave your milk for a minute before adding your syrup.

2 shots freshly brewed espresso
2 tablespoons sugar free house white chocolate by 5Sparrows
1 cup nonfat milk
1 tablespoon sugar free white chocolate syrup by Torani
1 handful of ice

Begin by brewing about 2 shots of espresso.  Feel free to use less or more to taste (or based on how how awake you'd like to feel after. :) )

Mix in the 5Sparrows house white chocolate, stir until completely disolved.

Next you'll prep the cold part of the drink: pour a cup of milk into a glass.  Add the white chocolate syrup and ice, stir to combine.

 And the final step: combine these two halves into a delicious white chocolate mocha. Enjoy!

Made this way, the final calorie count is about 184. So while it'll cost you a bit more than a skinny flavored latte, you're still not in astronomical territory. It's certainly better than your garden-variety white chocolate mocha (even if those do taste amazing!). Next we'll have to try adding sugar free peppermint syrup for the holidays. :)

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